How to run Brain tumour segmentation on jetson nano

Hi I am struggling to build a machine learning module to build brain tumor image segmentation project.
Can anybody please tell me how to do it from scratch on jetson nano. I tried my best in searching on opensource . I am unable to complete it. I need a step by step process to accomplish this task. Please, can anybody help me?


Do you have the labeled database?
If yes, please check if this can give you some idea.–uQRRDTPsJDp4o0xbzkoyf8&index=15


Thank you so much @AastaLLL , I will check through it, I have BRATS 2020 , Brain tumor segmentation data base with me . Trying to work around with that.

I watched this video, SO should I use my labeled dataset and feed it to the network and train ? If yes, I request you to give me some source to find brain tumor datasets .Thanks in advance