How to run DHCP server on SB7700 InfiniBand switch


I want to use DHCP to manage the IPoIB IP numbers in our IB network. Managing static IPs gets to cumbersom. Ideally I want to run DHCP on the main IB switch SB7700 Mlnx-os 3.6.4006. So the questions are

  • How do I run DHCP for IPoIB on an SB7700. Do I need a VM/Docker or can it run on the native OS?

  • How do I configure the DHCP server and the VM/docker image to run over IPoIB?

  • are there any special considerations regarding the client configuration? i.e. what is different to a plain eth interface?

I know this document

HowTo Enable DHCP Service Over Docker Container (MLNX-O

HowTo Enable DHCP Service Over Docker Container (MLNX-OS)

But it seems to mention ETH switches only and a comment tells that docker support will be removed in future MLNX-OS versions.

Thank you, any help is welcome.

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Hi Heiner,

The flow should be something along the lines of:

  1. configure an ip address on ib0 of the switch

switch(config)# interface ib0 ip address x.x.x.x/y

  1. docker pull

  2. start a container with the network privilege (so you can listen/send on the ib0 interface)

  3. in the docker install a dhcp server ,configure it

  4. start the dhcp server