How to run nvidia deepstream image

how to run nvidia deepstream docker image. I downloaded the docker image but I am getting the following error when I am trying to run it

(ok) omno@omno:~$ docker images
REPOSITORY                           TAG               IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE   v3.0-py3          344204c03cbe   2 weeks ago     17.2GB
hello-world                          latest            d1165f221234   3 months ago    13.3kB            5.1-21.02-devel   8b62713ae663   4 months ago    13GB
nvidia/cuda                          11.0-base         2ec708416bb8   10 months ago   122MB
(ok) omno@omno:~$ docker run
Unable to find image '' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown.
See 'docker run --help'.

Please refer to the docker official document. Use the Docker command line | Docker Documentation

docker | Docker Documentation

And there are also many resources for introduction of docker, e.g. A Docker Tutorial for Beginners (

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