How to run nvmimg_ldc sample app

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DRIVE OS Linux and DriveWorks 5.10

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Hi, I would like to run the nvmimg_ldc sample application, but in the config file there are input files specified that are not part of the rootfs, e.g. in ldc_apply_warpmap.conf:

inputFile = "/tmp/fisheye_1280x800_420_60frames.yuv"
warpMapFile = "/tmp/"

Where can I get these files to be able to run the sample application?

Dear @AdamBalazsVay,
I am checking on this and update you. Thanks

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Dear @AdamBalazsVay,
We did not ship any input videos in the sdk. You can create your input image using imagevick convert .
ldc_gen_warpmap.conf is used to generate warpMapFile.

Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

Thank you. In the meantime we found the root cause of our problem and it is not the LDC component but in our CUDA code how we import the NvSciBufObj block linear images:

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