how to run Python executable on tx2

I am new to nvidia platform. I am trying to make an executable file from python code using python installer but when I run the file in TX2 it give error “.exec format not supported”,I did some research and found due to architecture of my host (x86-64) and tx2 (aarch64) is not compatible . can someone tell me an alternative way to run my python file.


what is .exec format?
I would run somewhat like


Thanks for the reply,I did this but for this i must have all the libraries like Opencv, dlib installed on on Tx2. I just want to run my application in executable extension format, I used PyInstaller for my application which generate all the binaries for the dependent library and it worked but for same platform(x86-64) but for tx2 it gives the error “exec format not supported”…


I did not deal with that particular issue, but it appears that binaries can either be compiled for arm or for x86_64. And if you run binaries for x86_64 at arm device you will get the error. However, may be other folks from the forum will add more to the discussion.

Check what it is built for:

file /where/ever/it/is