How to run SDK manager from docker?

I’m very unsatisfied with my Orin Nano dev kit. I already spent enormous amounts of time trying to install operating system on it, and still without any lack.

At beginning, there were problems with installing Jetpacks on my SD card. there were firmware problems (see topic Orin Nano does not boots, opens terminal instead). Here I got advice to install system through SDKManager, without specifing more details about how to do it. Problem is SDKManager works only for Ubuntu and Debian, for both of which I have no access. All my computers running Linux Mint or Windows.

That why I decided to run SDKManager in docker. Althrough it’s totally not clear how to use docker version correctly and how to connect it to the device (I guess usb port should be somehow opened in a docker container; but I’m not expert in docker stuff). I have not found any instruction how to use docker version of SDKManager.

For me it’s very strange, that 80$ Raspberry just works after flashing a card, but 800$ Jetson Orin Nano has so many problems with the boot and lack of clear instructions how to solve them.

Can anyone provide me a step by step instruction how to boot Orin from docker’s version of SDKManager, or boot it some other way?

We would suggest have a host PC in Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04. This is the standard setup for doing further development.

Another alternative is to use WSL on Windows OS:

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) — SDK Manager 2.1.0 documentation

Thanks for a link. I managed to install SDKManager in WSL, athrough it been complicated and time-consuming process. Will work on flashing the device.

Following the instructions, I managed to install WSL with Ubuntu22.04 to my laptop. Problems appeared during flashing device, see screens:

here are logs from wsl terminal:

Also sending zip with logs here:
SDKM_logs_JetPack_6.0_(rev._2) (128.2 KB)

Do you have an idea what is wrong? @DaneLLL

It looks like it detaching device during the flash and then attaching it back (after flash failed)


Additionally, before flashing I have no possibility to choose manual mode:

It looks like it fails to read EEPROM of the Orin Nano developer kit. Please check if you have the developer kit in recovery mode before the flashing.

@DaneLLL How can I check it? As I understand, to make device enter the recovery mode, I need to connect FC REC pin with nearest GND pin. Is it correct?

Btw for me it seems device is in recovery mode - fan is not rotating in connected monitor showing nothing.

Please run lsusb and see if the device is listed.

If it is listed, please set up the debug console:
Orin Nano serial console log - #5 by KevinFFF

And flash the system through SDKManager. If the error still shows up, please share the uart log for reference.