How to run the YOLO object detection on SmarteCAM

In the previous blog – How to run an DeepStream application out-of-the-box on SmarteCAM, we got to know the process of starting to use SmarteCAM with DeepStream. Now, let’s see the YOLO object detection – one of the latest and fastest models.


You Only Look Once (YOLO) is one of the quickest real-time object detection algorithms (45 frames per second) when compared to the R-CNN family (R-CNN, Fast R-CNN, Faster R-CNN, etc.).

The R-CNN family of algorithms uses regions to localize the objects in images. Hence, the model is applied to multiple regions – and high-scoring regions of the image are considered as detected objects. But YOLO follows a completely different approach. Instead of selecting a few regions, it applies a neural network to the entire image and predicts bounding boxes, as well as their probabilities. This approach has made it become the most popular and fastest real-time object detection algorithm!

The default version of YOLOV3 supports the identification of 80 objects (people, dogs, cars, etc.). These models can be further improved to suit the requirements of specific applications.

Let’s look at how YOLOV3 can be run on e-con Systems’ SmarteCAM camera. Read More>>

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