How to save AURIX configuration ?

What is the way of saving the AURIX configuration modified by using the shell interface? E.g. after setting the baud rate of a CAN controller. We have observed that they return to default values after restarting the DRIVE PX2.

I would like the answer to this as well. Our drive-by-wire bus is 250 kbps but the default rate is 500 kbps.

hi all,

we’re investigate this internally,
will get back to you when we come out some conclusions,

Any news on this?

hello ummelen22,

CAN controller always settings 500kbps as default baudrate,
please modify the Can_17_MCanP_PBCfg.c manually, if you would like to change the default baudrate settings.
paste the function as below for your reference, thanks

static const Can_17_MCanP_ControllerBaudrateConfigType Can_kDefaultBaudrateConfig_0[]{...}

Dear JerryChang,
I neither find that file, nor do I know how to add it to my project.
Could you explain this a bit more, please?

Quick information about my setup:

  • 1 mbit/s CAN
  • Using CAN 0 on Tegra A by setting Baud rate in Linux to 1000000
  • There are a lot of errors on the CAN, as soon as the Drive PX is added to CAN (around 300 per second, which brings the Drive PX into “bus off” state after a while)
  • The errors vanish, as soon as I connect to the Aurix console via USB debug cable and set “cansetbr e 1000”

How do I save this setting permanently? It is extremely annoying to reset it after every restart.

Thank you

hello christoph.wald,

this CAN configuration should be included in the firmware, for example, eb.
please contact eb for more details. thanks

I received an answer from Elektrobit support.
[i]"This feature – Dynamically changing CAN BaudRate and persisting the setting across power cycles supported in PDK versions.

DPX2 – onwards
DDPX – onwards

By this I would expect a dynamical solution to your issue provided directly by future versions from NVIDIA."[/i]

Still, the HOW is missing. Where do I find this “Can_17_MCanP_PBCfg.c”?
Please provide steps on how to change the CAN Bus rate permanently!
Otherwise the Drive PX is unusable for me.

Dear christoph.wald,

Did you update DrivePX2 the latest PDK( and Aurix FW(4.02.04)?
In latest DPX2 fw version 4.02.04 CAN baudrate will be persistantly stored.
Could you please help to check this topic after flash new PDK and Aurx FW? Thanks.

Hello SteveNV,

After updating DPX2 the latest PDK and Aurix fw the problem is indeed resolved!