How to save Image without any resize?

Hi, i have tried gstdsexample.cpp ,but i have some confusion about the aspect ratio.

the example seem to pass all img to the same processing width and height.

for example , my ROI it (top,left,width,height) = (20,20,64,64)
the ROI region is the square.
but if my processing width and height set to (1920,1080)

the crop img will be resize to 1920,1080 with (1080,1080) crop img and zero padding (see as black block).

i just want to save the crop image to (64,64) i don’t want any resize and padding. how can i do this ?

You can read code “sources/gst-plugins/gst-dsexample/gstdsexample.cpp” and the comments in the code.
gst_dsexample_transform_ip() -> get_converted_mat()

that’s very help