How to save object to jpg file in Deepstream-test5-app

please suggest to me how to work with pgie_src_pad_buffer_probe() in nvinfer plugin

The better way is to use pgie_src_pad_buffer_probe() in application with nvinfer src pad.

deepstream-image-meta-test is already the sample.

so difficult with pgie_src_pad_buffer_probe() in deepstream-test5-app-main.c and gstnvmsgconv.c, So different way i can get image at gstdsexample.cpp, are you think sgtnvmsgconv.c can get image like gstdsexample

can you give me an example code for save image in deepstream-test5-app flow your way, thanks so much

@Fiona.Chen @DaneLLL, please help me

You may refer to Encoding jpeg image after OSD causes segfault

deepstream-test5 is a dynamic pipeline app, it is very hard to insert image saving into deepstream-test5 because there is limitation with nvds_obj_enc_create_context() interface.


if get image at OSD i think so difficult to get image path for custom payload to json message broker

It is a sample. You need to find the correct place to put pgie_src_pad_buffer_probe() according to your actual pipeline.

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how about Gstdsexample can apply to Gstnvmsgconv for save image. In Gstdsexample i had save image work well.
Can i use Gstdsexample in Gstnvmsgconv like a lib ?

The dsexample can be a sample for you to modify gstnvmsgconv

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i am checking and modify, an i will ask for problem. thank you

To modify gstnvmsgconv like gstdsexample not easy.
Can i creat kafka producer at gstdsexample.cpp ? @Fiona.Chen

To modify gstdsexample as nvmsgconv is not easy too.

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hello, gstdsexample where are you put pgie_src_pad_buffer_probe() function

hello, in this post How to save frame as jpg and send the filename to kafka in deepstream 5.0 deepstream_test5 has an user say

dsexample is not before the msgconv by default, so you can’t receive the frame_image. You can move dsexample bin to the right position.

So how to do that @Fiona.Chen, help me

i have see deepstream_transfer_learning_app_main.cpp work on deepstream_app, and it can save image over save_image() in after_pgie_image_meta_save()
But this lid write on C++, and Deepstream-test5-app write on C, So when i try include header

#include "image_meta_consumer.h"
#include "image_meta_producer.h"

Get error while i run deepstream_transfer_learning_app is successful

image_meta_consumer.h:25:10: fatal error: condition_variable: No such file or directory
 #include <condition_variable>
compilation terminated.

please help me

There are a lot of resources for resolving building errors with google.
std::condition_variable -

condition_variable is supported since C++11, please write correct makefile for your application.

This is DeepStream forum, let’s focus on DeepStream topics.

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i has fix it, thank you so much