How to save space on jetson nano disk (emmc)

What are the common techniques tom ake sure nano runs with relatively less space just enough to learn some inferences such as deepstream framework .

I already purged libreoffice

I would recommend using caution with this, but you could list all packages and look up what the package does; and if not used, then remove it (I also recommend a clone before you start, plus a clone when you are at a stage you like the result). Check the output of:

dpkg -l
# Or with a pager:
dpkg -l | less

As an example, I see “thunderbird” on one, and could “sudo apt remove thunderbird”.

Perhaps there is some sort of compression tool you won’t use, but that could turn around and bite you back since other software may only show they depend on it after a long period of testing.

for my nano I saw that many of the partitions were not in use after installation

$ lsblk  # observe the mount point

so I deleted those and grew /

I think this depends on how you install the operating system so your mileage may vary

not sure if this the ‘best’ way to do things but it allowed me to work with it

Found this : , uses debootstrap .

But its not compatible with latest BSP for jetpack 4.4

Those partitions are used for boot. Deleting one of these can be like deleting the CMOS BIOS/UEFI on a PC. Some of those are backup partitions, e.g., similar to a motherboard where if you lose the BIOS, it has a backup. You should never ever delete those non-rootfs partitions since it might (and probably will) fail to boot.

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thank you
it has been able to boot so far but I’ll exercise caution in the future