How to screen to a VR device connected later in Cloud XR?

I have built an AWS server that can use Cloud XR and prepared several Meta Quest2 as devices to connect to it.
When I connect to the server with Quest2, the video is displayed on it. If I then connect to the server with another Quest2, no video is displayed on it.

How do I stop the video on the first Quest2 and display the video on the later connected Quest2?


we’d likely want to start by reviewing logs of the second device (and the server too). my quick guess is SOMETHING is not matching between the two Q2’s in their feature requests or descriptors, and the server should actually terminate the second device (sounds like it’s hanging in the connection process). Logs would tell us more.

If I understand the problem, you’re trying to connect between 2 (or more) users on a single server. You’ll need to stop the first server’s “video” in order to do this. You can do this by restarting SteamVR (via a script on the server likely) or have the connected user turn off their HMD. This will not reset SteamVR meaning the 2nd user would need both the same HMD and IPD to view it properly. If these are different between the first and 2nd user, then executing a script to restart SteamVR is the appropriate path.