How to select Omniverse create and directly send to create


Now I’m investigating the connector for Alias and I have several confirmations.

  1. “Send to View Settings” dialog
    In the documentation of alias connector, omniverse create is shown in the “Send to locally installed view” dialog.
    ( Alias — Omniverse Connect documentation )
    But in my environment, I can select “View” only and “Create” is not shown.

Is there any settings to select “Create”?
I tried by Create 2022.1.5 / 2022.2.2 / 2022.3.0 but create is not shown.

After I set omni.create.bat from “Custom View Location”, I save and open
settings dialog again but “Send to locally installed view” shows View only.

  1. How to send to Create/View
    How can we send data to Create/View from Alias directlly?
    In case of Revit or Paraview, we can confirm button “Send to Omniverse” and
    directly send to Create/View.
    But there is no button/feature in Alias connector menu.

I confirmed that Alias can export USD file into the connected Nucleus server directly by “Publish Project” or “Export Prop” features so Alias itself connects to the Nucleus correctly.
Now we can export as USD to the Nucleus server, so these two confirmations are not critical but the menu is strange.


  • OS : Windows 10 Pro
    All applications ( Omniverse, Alias ) are installed in the same environment.

  • Omniverse
    Nucleus Workstation 2022.2.0
    Omniverse Create 2022.1.5 / 2022.2.2 / 2022.3.0
    Omniverse View 2022.1.4 / 2022.2.1
    Alias Connector 100.2.88

  • Alias version
    Alias Concept 2023.1


Masahiro Suzuoki

Hi Masahiro,
thank you for the feedback.
We will publish a new release soon and then this feature will be available including some new features.

Stay tuned.


Hi, Raphael,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I understood. I will wait for the new release.

Best Regards.


Masahiro Suzuoki

Hi Masahiro,
I will post it here as soon the new release will be available!

Any other feedback is highly welcome.


Hi Masahiro,

please see this update for Alias connector: