How to send an integer to iOS using BLE


I would like to have Jetson AGX Xavier(Ubuntu 18.04) send an integer to iOS(iPadOS 13.7/iPad Pro (2018)) using BLE.
First, I downloaded bluez from here:
Then I used a test program(example-gatt-server which is in bluez/test directory) to send an integer as heart-rate of BLE.
But I am not able to receive an integer using BLE app like LightBlue or BLE Scanner.
It seems that characteristic or service is empty.

So, is there any way or example to use Jetson as a BLE peripheral?
Or, have you experienced this error(Jetson cannot work as GATT server.) and do you know how to solve it?

Any advice would be helpful!

Hi tomo.8pset,

I can’t answer this issue due to never tried with this use case. may other developers share their experience if they done something similar.

Hi kayccc,

Thank you for your reply.
It seems that BLE on Jetson is a rare case, so I will try a socket connection, alternatively.

Thank you!