How to send extracted information from NVIDIA Jetson Orin to Cloudera

How can I send the extracted information from NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano (files are in from of .csv/.txt/.jpg ) to Cloudera. If I understand correctly, NVIDIA Jetson doesn’t provide any API to send data. Can I write a python script and use this script run in device to send data via file transfer protocol (ftp) to Cloudera or I need to send data via DeepStream ?

We have implementation for IoT in DeepStream SDK:
IoT — DeepStream 6.3 Release documentation
DeepStream Reference Application - deepstream-test5 app — DeepStream 6.3 Release documentation

Please take a look and see if it can be applied to your use-case. We don’t know much about Cloudera. Would also need other users to share experience.

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