How to set a static IPv4 address on Jetson Linux 34.1.0? /etc/netplan and if-up/if-down are AWOL!

I’m attempting to configure an Orin as a headless lab device. JL 34.1.0 is flashed and oem-config has been run. Now I need to set a static IP on the machine that will persist across reboots so I can configure the system. What is the standard way to do this?

Asking such a simple question because the docs don’t seem to address it. The OS seems to be a derivative of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop (as opposed to Server) so I don’t seem to have if-down/if-up scripts and /etc/netplan is nowhere to be found either. Did something go awry in the flashing process?


For configration purpose, you can connect and config everything with ssh orin@ and also through the usb-serial(ttyACM0) with minicom.

For static IP address, you can find if-down/up under /etc/network/

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