how to set AE region on px2

we will use fish-eye lens, we got over-exposure issue using common commants, can px2 support AE region

Dear xingxing,

Can I know which camera you are using?
Can I get the issued screen you encountered? Could you please upload the screenshot on the topic if possible with your using common commands? Thanks.

we are using the ar0231-gmsl camera. the command is:

./overexposure_test/nvmipp_raw -cf ./overexposure_test/e2379a_c01.conf -c dvp-ss3322-rccb-raw12-1920x1208-ab -d 0 --aggregate 1 --nvplugin

I will upload the picture captured later.


uploaded the picture.

do you need other information? please let me know, thank you.

Dear xingxing,

Thank you for your reply.
We will look into this symptom and update.

Can you please file a bug for this topic?
Please share bug ID, we will look into this issue.
Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug. Thanks.

yes, we already have a bug there. but did not get a reply for a long time.

Dear xingxing,

Thank you for you remind. We will update this topic via the bug. Thanks.