How to set auto-exposure route with argus?

Hi All,
I can use the command “nvgstcapture-1.0 --prev-res=4 --sensor-mode=0” to get video stream. And from high light scene to low light scene, it firstly to add exposure time to max value, then add gain value to max value, finally, it slow the frame-rate, it looks like the sensor driver control mode.
static const u32 ctrl_cid_list = {

But, when I use argus to get video and to post-process. It firstly add exposure time to max, then it will slow frame-rate and add gain at the same time.
So, my question is :

  1. how to set argus to like nvgstcapture-1.0 for AE route?
  2. Are there any way to set a fix frame-rate, like 30fps/seconds or 10fps/seconds?

hello tangqc023,

had you tried to enable camera stream with argus_camera sample application?
here’s an interface for user-input to specify AE and frame-rate settings,