How to set camera parameters

We use external crystal oscillator to drive sensor.
Now it is changeable.
The mipiclk of the sensor is 1.9Gbps.
When using mclk = 12MHZ, camera works well. The framerate is normal.
But when using mclk = 25.71MHZ,no image found.
The modified the pixel clock and settle count, it does not work.
So is there any parameters we can modify?
How to make sure differnt camera with different mipi speed can work.
We have differnt orins of others, it worked with the same register and same mclk.

If using external clock the mclk shouldn’t impact any thing.
Otherwise you mean the deviation for the external clock12M and 25M.

Yes. The difference did exists.
Using 12MHZ, work well.
Using 25.71. frames losed.

You didn’t clarify my question.
Do you modify the mclk_hz to 25.71 in device tree make camera failed?

no , we have not modified mclk_hz.The defualt value is 24000000.
This mclk has not connected with the camera sensor.
We used another mclk 25.71 connected with sensor.

For that I don’t think there’s any configure in Orin. I would suggest probing the signal to check if any deviation and consulting with vendor to get help on it.

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