How to set current limit to a higher value

Hi. I’m using Orin NX 16GB with JP 5.1.

When I run some stress test, I saw the overall power could go up to ~25W, but there was warning of over current.

I searched the forum and found there was similar issue with Xavier NX, and you suggested that we could set the current limit from 3.6A to 5A.

Can I do that too with Orin NX?

No, please refer to System throttle due to over current

Thanks. Can I still do that on Xavier NX with JP 5.1 though? Or is this only allowed in JP 4.x?

yes, you can do that for xavier nx. But not for orin nx. Does not matter to software version.

Thanks for help. However, I still think Orin NX has more potential if higher current allowed.

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