How to set direction and orientation values of line-crossing parameters

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

**• Hardware Platform : Jetson Nano Developer Kit
**• DeepStream Version: Deepstream 6.0
**• JetPack Version: 4.5.1


I am using the test5 application with Peoplenet to count people entering and exiting a store. I still can’t figure out how to set the first 4 parameters(in bold below) of the:
line-crossing-entry and line-crossing-exit. As I understand, they stand for the object orientation or angle.
Also, in the direction-North and direction-South, how can they be helpful, what do they stand for exactly,and how do we choose/calculate the coordinates values.

Another question is how can I make sure that, for example, the entry line only counts people coming in a certain direction(from outside the door going inside a store) and not the opposite direction, same for the exit line. How does the test5 app make the difference between people entering and exiting?


One sample:
./deepstream-nvdsanalytics-test file:///1080p.mp4

Below virtual line for line crossing in analytics confiture file:
line-crossing-Entry = 924;534;925;594;746;567;1102;560;
line-crossing-Exit = 925;594;924;534;1102;560;746;567;

According the article, you should use jetpack 4.6 with deepstream 6.0.

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