How to set fan speed WITHOUT X?


Since the card doesn’t increase the fan speed itself even when reaching 80+ C and just keeps the fan around 40-44% under full load I need to set it manually without X.

However, this doesn’t seem possible!?!

Trying to run nvidia-settings -a [fan:1]/GPUTargetFanSpeed=70 results in
ERROR: cannot open shared object… cannot open…
and a few more.

It’s not strange at all that these libs are missing as this is a headless system (integrated VGA adapter is used for terminal at installation time) and the only access is SSH.

xinit, xorg etc are not installed so the “workarounds” used by starting a “dummy” X won’t work.

How do I increase the fan speed on the installed cards?

It’s the first result in Google:

Except all “solutions” in that post actually requires X and my question is about doing it WITHOUT X.

AFAIK, setting fan speed without X is not possible. You should check if the nvidia persistenced is running, if not, start it to see if that fixes the behaviour of the fan.

nvidia-persistenced had no impact at all.

So my best hope is to cross my fingers that the cards doesn’t burn up?
Doesn’t seem like a very good solution…

How can it NOT be possible to control the fan speed without X?
Or at least have the driver monitor the temperature and increase the fan speed if it gets warmer…

The fan curve is set by the vendor in vbios, the driver should stick to that when running without X.