How to set full screen display?


I am running dusty-nv inference and it runs great.
How can I make the display to cover the full screen?
I was looking at this forum, do I just need to update the github and
or display.SetFullscreen(True)
in python code? Kind of lost, sorry.

I have git clone the newest github and add the line
or display.SetFullscreen(True)
error of no attribute though… still debugging
Do I need to install/update the jetson-utils?
I follow

git clone --recursive jetson-inference-new

Will it update the jetson-utils?


I run the full screen example and it works, but not the posenet
I guess the difference is this function
display = jetson.utils.videoOutput(…)
How to solve it? Thx

Hi @AK51, yes you would need to change it over to using jetson.utils.glDisplay() instead of jetson.utils.videoOutput() because those extended functions (such as SetMaximized/SetFullscreen) are only in the glDisplay object. There are some other minor differences as well, but if you take a working script that uses glDisplay then you should be able to add poseNet to it.

Dear Dusty,
I have successfully get the full screen, thx.
And how to read the fps from jetson.utils.glDisplay()… still searching for it…

Hi @AK51, you can call glDisplay.GetFPS()

The Python bindings for glDisplay can be found here:


Sorry, for the follow up question.
I can make a full screen thx, but if Ubuntu has a crash before (I guess the power is off without proper shutdown), a notification window pops-up (crash report) on top of the full-screen. The notification window will be there even after a proper shutdown.
How can I put this full screen window on top? Or Disable the crash report or update window?

Hi @AK51, sorry for the delay - I believe what you want to disable is called the “apport” service:

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