How to set GPIO to tristate?

We connect to one GPIO to FPGA,and also the GPIO is connected the MCU, we want to communicate between FPGA and MCU through the GPIO, it is not sucess, we want to set the GPIO to tristate.
please help us ,thanks

Hi wangqunpj,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?
What’s your Jetpack release?

Please use pinmux spreadsheet to configure the GPIO pins.
Which GPIO pin do you want to use?

  1. we use the custom board;
  2. Jetpack release:r35.3.1;
  3. PN.01+PG.06
  4. it is not sucess when set these two GPIO to INPUT(Z) or OUTPUT(Z);

Haven’t you used GPIO to update your FPGA successfully before?

What do you mean about “not success”? Is there any error coming up?

Hi, it works,
sorry , the hardware is wrong

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