How to set h264 encoder configuration using driveworks


I have some questions on the h264 encoder from driveworks.

  1. Is the encoded h264 by driveworks lossy or lossless? How can it be configured?
  2. Are there any parameters to set the I-Frame and P-Frame of the encoded h264?



I’d like to know these, too. Additionally, I encode on PX2 with DRIVEWORKS and decode on a PC with a Pascal GPU using NvPipe. NvPipe doesn’t allow multi-frame decoding. Could IFrame parameter be changed on DRIVEWORKS?

Deat yc563,
It is a lossy compression. Currently, DW does not have APIs to set these parameters currently.
May I know what are all the parameters you want to configure?

Dear Siva,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

We would like to have the following configurable:

  1. Set the interval of I-Frame frequency (for example number of P-Frames per I-Frames)
  2. Set the bandwidth and image quality

Also is it possible to set I-Frame to be one single complete frame?

Dear yc563,
Ok. We will look into it and update you