How to set rigid body locked Pos Axis and locked Rot Axis

Hi everyone:
I want to set rigid body’s property locked Pos Axis and locked Rot. Anyone can give some suggestion?

Can you describe more on what are you trying to do?

I imagine you would probably need a Fixed joint (or maybe a revolute / prismatic joint) to do it in the more stable way for the simulation, but I can only be sure if you give more details

Hi rgasoto:
The following picture simply shows my scenario and the problem what I am confused.
I control the white box forward and backward by use primastic joint, and it works. But when I added a new primastic joint the control the wood paltform, the Isaac Sim system(version is 2021.2.1) didn’t let me to do it.
So my new idea is control the wood paltform’s translate z axis to make object
rise, but change the axis z is immediately, so the object that I want to rise may out of
the platform or rotate. So I hope I can lock the rigid body’s pos axis and rotote axis to
avoid the object move and can be picked by my robot.
Any good suggestion? Best regards to you!