How to set rigid body locked Pos Axis and locked Rot Axis

Hi everyone:
I want to set rigid body’s property locked Pos Axis and locked Rot. Anyone can give some suggestion?

Can you describe more on what are you trying to do?

I imagine you would probably need a Fixed joint (or maybe a revolute / prismatic joint) to do it in the more stable way for the simulation, but I can only be sure if you give more details

Hi rgasoto:
The following picture simply shows my scenario and the problem what I am confused.
I control the white box forward and backward by use primastic joint, and it works. But when I added a new primastic joint the control the wood paltform, the Isaac Sim system(version is 2021.2.1) didn’t let me to do it.
So my new idea is control the wood paltform’s translate z axis to make object
rise, but change the axis z is immediately, so the object that I want to rise may out of
the platform or rotate. So I hope I can lock the rigid body’s pos axis and rotote axis to
avoid the object move and can be picked by my robot.
Any good suggestion? Best regards to you!

This should definitely be possible to achieve using a two body system. You’d have to add a prismatic joint on X or Y direction between world and the white body, and another prismatic on Z between white body and wooden plank.
The force of the action can be adjusted by setting the joint drive Stiffness/damping, so it doesn’t respond as strongly.

Adding an artificial joint to hold the block on top of the plank would be a trick, and I would try resolving it the right way by tuning the simulation correctly first

Hi @rgasoto ,
I solved this problem in Isaac Sim version 2022.2.0. As you said, I added a prismatic joint on Y direction between world and white box. And added a prismatic joint on Z direction between wooden plank. Finally, it works.
Best regards to you.

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