How to set script editor open by default when launching omniverse

I really can’t find anywhere to pin the windows let it open by default… Where are thoses settings?

@joshchiu i am just another OV user passing by - have you found the answer? if not, here’s one way to do it:

  1. enable the script editor extension is set to “autoload” from the extension manager.

  1. save your layout by going to Layout > Save Layout.


  1. the location of the layout .json file is what determines whether the script editor window will show up at startup (assuming it isn’t now). if startup is your preference, you will want to navigate to your app’s install folder and look for the “startup.json” inside of “” subfolder. for example, here’s where it’s located for the latest Code (2023.1.1): C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\code-2023.1.1\extscache\\layouts\ (make sure you make a backup of the “startup.json” first in case you aren’t ready to commit). if you are fine with manually loading the custom layout from step 2, you can save it anywhere you’d like as long as you can quickly navigate to it.

i am sure there are better ways to go about accomplishing this, so i am open to suggestions 👀

I couldn’t find settings for this either, and I suspect it’s not available from the GUI.
I ended up editing the extension’s .py file.

In omni/kit/window/script_editor/scripts/ under on_startup, I added these three lines:

default_visibility = True
self.show_window(None, default_visibility)