How to set smp_affinity of irqs

I have set smp_affinity for irqs, but when irqbalance service is enabled, the smp_affinity will be modified.
How to keep the smp_affinity same when irqbalance service is enabled?

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For ‘irqbalance’ to ignore you smp_affinity list, you need to use the option ‘–banirq’

From ‘irqbalance’ man-page:

-i, --banirq=
Add the specified IRQ to the set of banned IRQs. irqbalance will not affect the
affinity of any IRQs on the banned list, allowing them to be specified manually.
This option is addative and can be specified multiple times. For example to ban
IRQs 43 and 44 from balancing, use the following command line: irqbalance
–banirq=43 --banirq=44

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