How to set the NvBufferCompositeBackground parameters for this color?

How to set the NvBufferCompositeBackground parameters for this color ?
In order to match qt display, the background color of composite is consistent with qt interface, and the background color needs to be set to rgb [34,34,45],
But if the NvBufferCompositeBackground parameters is set to 34,34,45, and the background color is red, how should it be set?
typedef struct
/** background color value for r. /
float r;
* background color value for g. /
float g;
* background color value for b. */
float b;

If rgb normalization is considered, the following normalization formula is adopted:
r = R / (R+G+B) ;
g = B / (R+G+B) ;
b = 1 - r - g ;
R = 34 / (34 + + 45) = 0.3, g = 0.3, b = 0.6, the color is not consistent

Please share a gst-launch-1.0 command for reproducing the issue. So that we can give it a try. And which Jetpack version do yo use?

agx R32.4.3
Similar to demo[jetson_multimedia_api\samples\13_multi_camera], since multiple camera compositing leaves blank space, the background color of the blank part wants to be set to a special color.
If I want rgb [34,34,45], what background color parameter should I set?

    memset(&m_compositeParam, 0, sizeof(NvBufferCompositeParams));
m_compositeParam.composite_flag = NVBUFFER_COMPOSITE;
m_compositeParam.input_buf_count = n_composite;
m_compositeParam.composite_bgcolor.r =1.0;//1.0;//1.0;//
m_compositeParam.composite_bgcolor.g =1.0;//0;//1.0;//
m_compositeParam.composite_bgcolor.b =1.0;//0;//1.0;//

1.0f = 0xff(255). So for setting to 34, please set to 34/255 = 0.133f

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