How to set u-boot display resolution


I’m using TFP401 for custom jetson nano board(DVI RX).
By the way, U-boot resolution isn’t correct.
Is there a way to force resolution control in u-boot?

thank you.


Actually we don’t enable display during u-boot. Did you enable it by yourself?

When u-boot started, the resolution of the image doesn’t match.
I attached a picture of the problem.
Can i adjust the resolution?

Hi kmlim,

This logo is from cboot instead of uboot.

The information of this image is in bmp.blob under your Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader.
By default, it only supports 3 modes as hardcoded value. Unfortunately there is not yet any tool to update bmp.blob.

You could refer to other forum user’s post for workaround. The keyword is “splash logo”

I checked 3 modes(640x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080).
But, It doesn’t match my LCD resolution.

The log shows that the resolution is fixed at 480p.

[0006.573] load kernel from storage
[0006.583] decompressor handler not found
[0006.602] Successfully loaded kernel and ramdisk images
[0006.608] load_bmp_blob: panelresolution=480 type=0

Can you support the resolution default with 1280x720?
Or How do I change the default value?

Actually, we don’t support splash logo on DSI panel. Only support HDMI and DP.