How to set up IR control through GPIO on Jetson board

Hello everyone!

I have a Jetson TK1 board. I will IR control through GPIO, using trainsmission and receive by IR receiver and IR led.
Likes, on Raspberry Pi (

so I was search this forum. Unfortunately, That’s IR receive through usb receiver. Anybody tell me how to use IR control (LIRC) through gpio on Jetson board?


A partial answer on something I see. The GPIO in the schematic uses 3.3V. Jetson uses 1.8V, so you’d have to adjust for this. LEDs D1 and D2 might be adjusted by using a single LED and adjustment of R8. The sensor runs directly from 3.3V, so either a level converter would be required, or an equivalent of that component used which is designed for 1.8V operating.

Plenty of GPIO are available on Jetson, with settings updated via echo of values in /sys for the GPIO. Once that is done, you’d use whatever software you wanted for control.