How to set up IR control using LIRC (through GPIO on Jetson board)


I want to control IR using LIRC as raspberryPi can do.

It was easy to install LIRC on the jetson nano board, but I do not know how to set somethings like GPIO pins, driver, and device to use LIRC.

Anybody tell me how to use IR control (LIRC) through gpio on Jetson board?

Or is there any way to use raspberryPi driver on jetson nano board?



What gpio pins are you going to use for? I can pick one pin as an example and you could handle the rest.


I want to use pin 17(BCM) for input and pin 27(BCM) for output.

Do you mean the 40 pin on j41?

Is the pin in your previous comment different with 40 pin on j41?

But pin 17 is 3.3 VDC and cannot be set as GPIO. Why not choose other pins?

The way to use gpio is as below link.

Please note that this link is for TX2. The jetson hacks page in #4 should already provided the gpio number for you. You could just leverage it.

I mean, in the python package jetson.gpio, pin 17 with BCM means pin 11 and pin 27 with BCM means pin 13.

Anyway, I will try.


ok, so did you succeed in your task? would you mind explaining the steps to reach gpio ir on the nano, as that’s exactly what i’d like to achieve (without much luck, until now)


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I have the same question. How to setup LIRC to use some gpio out?
Can I do it in the same way as Raspberry Pi? e.g.

It would be great to have more detailed description @elelkjy, @WayneWWW

Thank you,

Is anyone successful in setting up LIRC remote via GPIO in a similar way as we do it for raspberry pi?