How to set up these modules clock: vi/isp/nvcsi

I want to make these modules(VI/ISP/NVCSI) clock higher,but these file is not allowed to be modified,How can I change these clocks?


You may try this.

Thanks your link,It can work well in AGX platform,but it can’t work in NX platform。

What’s the error message? There’s no problem on my Xavier NX.

What is the filesystem type of your rootfs on NX ?

df -H -T


I used jetpack 4.4.1.

Ok no fs type problem.

Further looking at your first post, it seems the error is that you were trying to write into max_rate node, that is read-only.
You would set clock rate writing to rate node instead.

cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/max_rate |tee /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/rate

The max-rate is too low. I want it to be bigger

You cann’t change the max-rate

OK, thank you for your answer.

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