How to set weights for BLSTM when using c++ API?

I created a blstm layer reference sampleCharRNN.However, the sample was using lstm layer. How can i set weights for Blstm using function setWeightsForGate?


do you have a specific concern about using setWeightsForGate() on BLSTM?

Acually, I met many questions.
I has one BLSTM layer in my network.I am not sure what number the LAYER_COUNT is ? 1 or 2
auto hiddenIn = network->addInput(HIDDEN_IN_BLOB_NAME, DataType::kFLOAT, Dims2(LAYER_COUNT, HIDDEN_SIZE));

auto rnn = network->addRNNv2(*data, LAYER_COUNT, HIDDEN_SIZE, SEQ_SIZE, RNNOperation::kLSTM);

waitting for your answer…


I also encountered this problem.

Have you solved this?

Can you tell me some details about it?

Thank you very much.