How to simulate a character falling to the ground

Is there a way to simulate a human character falling on the ground? I’m looking for something like a falling objects simulation but for human characters, so far I’ve only managed to move characters through animations but I’m having difficulties in finding ways to add physics properties to my characters.

Hi @salvo.dipp I think I caught up with you on discord the other day, but to make this visible for others, the question is essentially how to ragdoll characters.

I asked around, we don’t currently support character simulation such as ragdolls, or non kinematic movement. That said, I’ll keep my ears open, and put in a feature request to track this. As mentioned in discord, if you have any details on the client or use case you can share (as a direct message), that sort of info can help shape feature prioritization.


Thanks for opening a feature request, I’ve sent you a direct message on discord with some more details.