How to simulate Jetbot throwing table curling with ISSAC?

Our university is organizing a nationwide Jetbot table curling AI challenge in China. Practical courses will also be designed based on the technologies used in the competition. We hope that ISSAC simulation can be used in the training process of robot throwing path, which is not only convenient for competitors to train their own throwing model, but also can include ISSAC related content in the course. 

During our exploration and practice, we found that there is no built-in Jetbot model for simulation. In addition, because of the actual requirements of table curling throwing process, we adjusted the driving voltage of Jetbot motor, added wheel speed measuring device, and replaced the original camera with fish-eye camera. We also found that the actual process of Jetbot throwing table curling is greatly affected by wheel friction, sliding friction and dead zone of axle. These situations are different for each Jetbot, so how to present them in simulation is a big challenge.

Since we are not familiar with ISSAC system and the game release schedule is coming, we are eager to get technical guidance in the construction of table curling court, the creation of modified Jetbot model and the simulation of table curling throwing process.

Hi Lilacbeuty,

It is great that you guys have decided to use Isaac for your simulation.
you need a person who is familiar with UE4 to create the table curling court for you, or maybe you are lucky and
if you search in UE4 Marketplace or Turbo sQuid you will find a model.
About you Jetbot, if you have the URDF file for it, you can import it into Isaac Sim, or if you have the cAD model you can create the URDF file from it. But if you don’t have any model for it, again you need someone with UE4 experience to crate it for you.

Hope this helps,