How to simulate SCARA robot with follow target?

Hi everyone:
I have problem with Isaac Sim’s example follow target. As I know, the follow target
example are use franka or UR robot. They are all supported by ROS or ROS2. In my use
case, I have to use SCARA robot like Espon SCARA LS10. However, this kind of SCARA
robots almost not support ROS or ROS2.
I also with a problem if other kind of robots not support ROS, how can we make it with
the same function follow target?

@vic-chen - Are you trying to modify follow target example for this SCARA robot?
Also, this example, 4. Adding a New Manipulator — Omniverse Robotics documentation, covers how to add new manipulator.

Thank you @rthaker , after research ROS and the documentation I finally make it. Have a nice day.

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