How to solve probrems of DEBUGGING WITH TRACE32

I have 2 trouble for debugging with LauterBack TRCE32.

  1. Caused reset after about 5 ~ 10 minutes from stopped by trace32.
  2. I could not see peripheral registers due to missing file of ‘periphheral view’.
    TRACE32 said …
    ‘This peripheral file is confidential.
    Please contact Nvidia to get the file.’

Would you notify how to solve?

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I am also interested in getting the Trace32 working with the TX2.

Hi all
The script for TX2 will be out on next release.

Dear ShaneCCC

Thank you release information.

I heard from Lauterbach,
they have n similar issue of this too.
So they’ll try to make PER file if they could see TRM of TegraX2.

I’ll be able to go on next step on my job, if I could obtain PER file,

Are there any possibility to release (pre-release) TRM of TegraX2 to Lauterbach?

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Dear ShaneCCC,

I tried R28.1, but I could NOT find out script.
Which one does contain the script?

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The script still not release yet. We are working on it.