How to solve the packet discard of pcie net card in 35.2.1?

I installed the driver of PCIe net card with the source code drivers/net/ethernet/marvell/oak. And when I test the speed with iperf3, there is packet discard. I use the command sudo ethtool -S eth2 to get the following picture. You can see the rx_discard_desc item to know it.
How to solve this problem?
And I search the datasheet of Orin to find the meaning of rx_discard_desc register with no result. So where can I find the description of rx_discard_desc?
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 10-26-11

You should check with the NIC vendor. I just checked the code, rx_discard_desc is defined only in that oak driver. Not related to Orin.

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