How to specify grid-virtual-ws license or grid-virtual-pc licenses for my VMs

I have both grid-virtual-ws and grid-virtual-pc licenses on my license server. How do I specify which license to use?


this is done due to the profile choice:
Q profile will aquire a vWS license
B profile will aquire a vPC license



Thanks Simon! one more question. Is there any performance difference between P6-1Q and P6-1B?

Yes, but it depends on the use case. P6-1Q is our Nvidia Quadro driver which accelerates a lot of 3D applications during runtime. 1B is vPC licensing, so business driver without Quadro functionality.

I try to test it out. My P6-1Q VM check in the license currently,but the P6-1B VM I built didn’t check in license at all. Oddly enough, the P6-1B VM seems working and I can run glxgears no problem. Not sure what I did wrong.

Check your software that will be used whether it can ever leverage or needs Quadro functionality (for example, SOLIDWORKS does need it to run reasonably).