How to start in VR mode via command line

First: great release! For me it works very good with, e.g. with the Old Attic sample scene.

For our use case we need to start kit.exe with a command line, so that it loads a specific USD file (e.g. OldAttic) and automatically starts in VR Mode!

What I figured out is that I can do the following to load the USD file:
kit.exe ..\apps\omni.xr.kit --exec ".\scripts\ --path ../OldAttic/Attic_NVIDIA.usd"

But is there a way to define in the kit file or the Python script to automatically launch in VR mode?

Thanks, Daniel

Hello @daniel.seidl! Welcome to the community! Glad to hear that you are liking the new Omniverse XR Beta! Let me ask the XR team your question and I’ll post back here when I hear back!