How to start in VR mode via command line

First: great release! For me it works very good with, e.g. with the Old Attic sample scene.

For our use case we need to start kit.exe with a command line, so that it loads a specific USD file (e.g. OldAttic) and automatically starts in VR Mode!

What I figured out is that I can do the following to load the USD file:
kit.exe ..\apps\omni.xr.kit --exec ".\scripts\ --path ../OldAttic/Attic_NVIDIA.usd"

But is there a way to define in the kit file or the Python script to automatically launch in VR mode?

Thanks, Daniel

Hello @daniel.seidl! Welcome to the community! Glad to hear that you are liking the new Omniverse XR Beta! Let me ask the XR team your question and I’ll post back here when I hear back!

Hey Daniel, we disabled this option in our current version because we felt it led to an overall less stable experience, but will consider enabling it later after we’ve resolved the underlying issues.

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Hi @OmerShapira ,

Based on your comment, for VR, it’s disabled in application “Omniverse XR”.
I wonder for AR, is it disabled in “Omniverse XR”, either? and what about in “Omniverse Create”?

Thank you