How to start jetson nano 1010 emmc16gb via TTL cable

hello I would like a tutorial from beginning to end about initializing the jetson nano1010 emmc16gb, with TTL cable, I deleted linux files and now it doesn’t turn on anymore, I connected the rx, tx and gnd cables. But I get this message as shown in the attached image. I’m using wsl2

hello uender,

may I know what file you’ve delete exactly? could you please also share the use-case you’re going to implement.

The serial UART cable is only capable of diagnostics, whereas the micro-B USB cable is required for flashing (with the Jetson in recovery mode). The flash software requires an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC, and WSL2 is unable to flash (it lacks mandatory features, e.g., loopback). When in recovery mode the Jetson is a custom USB device, and the flash software has the “driver package”, which is what actually performs the flash.

You would want the most recent JetPack 4.x release:

There is documentation on flash with the particular release. Here is the “gist” of flashing:

I don’t actually remember if it was a linux file, but I’m sure it was files or partitions that were on the emmc. (I’m a beginner)

hello uender,

we need to understand your steps to repo the failure, then we’re able to suggest the solution.
otherwise, please re-flash your target to recover the failure.

ok I’ll try to do it here and report

hello! With great satisfaction I come to communicate that my jetson nano has returned from the dead.
Follow the link of the full tutorial where I did the step by step, thanks!

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