How to stop hulk smashing Blast destructibles?

I’m working on a game prototype where destruction and energy beams are central mechanics. I’ve started from the Blast UE4 source repository and sample project, and I’m fiddling with the laser beam and destructible static meshes.

If I set things up so that the physics objects interact nicely with each other, so that my laser beam cuts stuff and two-ton balls punch holes in walls with enough momentum but doesn’t smash if it doesn’t have enough momentum… etc… basically if everything is pretty satisfying interacting with the beam and each other, then you can just smash through things as the player character actor. Jump through brick walls, stuff exploding outward like you’re Neo and There Is No Wall™.

Is there a strategy for fixing this? I’d take something “non-physical”, like the player is just always stopped by supported chunks and no impulse or stress is transferred. I’d also take some tuning suggestions if a physical solution is possible.

(My experience level is high in gamedev programming and design, with shipped commercial titles. This is my first foray into GameWorks software and UE4.)