How to stop script of /etc/profile.d?

I added script to /etc/profile.d in Xavier AGX.
The script streams the results of the inference.
I added the script to /etc/profile.d because I wanted to stream it automatically when I powered on Xavier.
Anyway, the streaming is going well…
But the problem is that I didn’t limit the streaming.
The frame is streamed endlessly and xavier is no longer available.
This is because the boot did not complete before the script stopped.
My monitor only shows a black window.

the script is this.

cd /home/high/retinanet-examples/extras/cppapi/build/
./infervideo engine.plan "gstreamer command"

How do I stop or ignore the script at boot time?

Please set up debug uart and check if you can modify the script. If not probably would need to re-flash APP partition.

I didn’t know how to use debug mode but I was able to find this post.

The script in question has been removed and everything is working normally now.
Thank you for the hint DaneLLL.

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