How to stop video dumping through filesink in Deepstream

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The dump storage of my application gets filled and the deepstream-app exits after printing an error msg(Error from sink_sub_bin_sink1: No space left on the resource). Now the video which was being dumped is not playable. Is there any way to make the video dumped playable? Or to trigger the stop of video dump before knowing that dump store is about to get filled? So that the video dump is safely stopped and dumped video is playable. I am using filesink for dumping the video.

we suggest that you save it as h264 data in your envionment. Even if there is a problem when you are dumping the data, it can still play normally.

......nvv4l2h264enc ! h264parse ! filesink location=seg_output.h264

okay…And can we trigger stop of video dump in filesink?

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Yes. But you need to catch the right signal. You can refer to our source code: deepstream_app_main.c

static void
_intr_setup (void)
  struct sigaction action;

  memset (&action, 0, sizeof (action));
  action.sa_handler = _intr_handler;

  sigaction (SIGINT, &action, NULL);

You need to add the signal capture code for your scene and then send an eos message.

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