How to store detection results as images from n stream

Hello ,

Presently I am able to save all the images which are given as input to the system using get_converted_mat() function. I am in need of only those images which have detected objects.

In gstdsexample.cpp file ,


if (frame[i].num_obj_meta > 0 )
if (get_converted_mat (dsexample, surface, i, &rect_params,
scale_ratio, dsexample->video_info.width,
dsexample->video_info.height) != GST_FLOW_OK) {
goto error;



Using this if loop I am able to get only few , detected images . However not every detected images. Would be glad if you can give me some inputs on the same ?

All detection inference result are saved in frame metadata, like object label, object bbox,source id, can you filter the detected images according to metadata?

Using above code I have tried to retrieve all detected images. However it is not covering every detected images. However the detection results which are obtained in side kitti-output-directory is correct. So code is doing the perfect things , but I am unable to retrive all images from all 8 streams at the same time.

Have you resolved this issue? if not can you share one sample code for further check?


Any luck with saving the image when an object is detected ? I would like to also do the same.



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