How to stream IP camera to Deepstream on the cloud

I am running Deepstream on AWS cloud , I am able to run inferencing on videos on the Cloud server . But I am not sure how to access an Ip camera to run Video surveillance live through rtsp streaming .

Please help me in streaming the IP camera feed to my cloud server to run live inferencing on the same in the cloud

Are the ip camera setup and configured to stream video through rtsp? If the “gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=rtsp://xxxxx” can work in AWS cloud to get the ip camera stream playback, the Deepstream can get the ip camera as the source.

No the ip camera are not configured to stream video over rtsp .

Since your app is running on AWS cloud, so either the camera should be connected physically to the machine or it can generate stream(e.g. rtsp stream), so that the app can access the camera generated video data.