How to stream output from google cloud VM to your local machine

Is there any way to get an IP address instead of rtsp://localhost:port, when sink is set to type 4 (rtsp streaming), so that we can see the results using a media player in our local machine?

RTSP is unencrypted by default so you’ll want to modify deepstream_app to use TLS. This is non-trivial (actually very hard) but there are some examples here:

That’s what deepstream-app uses internally to create rtsp streams, iirc. If you look in the examples folder there are some usages of the TLS capabilities of GstRtspServer.

Alternatively you could modify deepstream_app to use srtsink or use an unencrypted protocol and reverse proxy it through nginx, adding TLS that way.

You might want to search around this forum since there are a few other threads on this. I imagine adding (easier) TLS support is high on Nvidia’s proiority list, so you could also just wait.

You could also just forego encryption if your streams are public and you don’t reuse your credentials (you don’t, do you?).

In any case, here is Google’s protocol forwarding instructions that you’ll need, as well as some examples:

Thanks a lot, this was very helpful.

Glad to be of help!