How to stream video to a host like FPGA by USB

Hello. I’m a new user for this board and linux. I want to stream processed video (or images stream)to a host FPGA but the ethernet is already used as raw video input, and thus I can only use USB to streaming out the processed video. The processed video is about 150Mb/s, lower than the USB transmission limit. Is there any solution to do so?

There should be no existing implementation for this use-case. Would see if other users can share experience.

One possible solution may be to use jetson_multimedia_api + libusb. May check
GitHub - libusb/libusb: A cross-platform library to access USB devices

We can get frame data through NvBufSurface APIs. If there is interface in libusb for sending data to a host FPGA, it may be working to integrate jetson_multimedia_api + libusb

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