How to suspend live sync when working with .live-files?


we are using .live-files that are created and updated through our own connector. In some cases it would make sense to suspend the live sync (for example when we have to convert and upload new assets) to prevent rendering updates before the scene update is completed.

Is there any way to suspend and resume the live update?



Hey Carl. The dev teams says::

You suspend a Live Session by leaving the Session and then re-joining later. Also if the new Assets are added to another layer under root you are changing the root layer so when you go back to join the Live session it will allow you to fetch the changes.

Hi Mati,

“leaving” and “joining” sound very expensive… an update to the scene takes ony 1-2 sec. but mit the new .live-sessions the user sees the changes that are made in those 1-2 sec. and we want a avoid that.

Do you have a code sample for leaving and joining a session (in c++)… I`ve some trouble to understand this, because when using .live-files you never “join” any session…


Hey Carl. Let me follow up with the dev team.

For a C++ sample, we have source/liveSession/liveSession.cpp in the connect-samples 20x.x series (download available on Launcher).

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